Saturday, April 14, 2012


5. This is my 5th post and i want to show you that how to assemble different parts in CATIA V5. For using assembly design in CATIA we have to understand some points.                                                                             
  • First for assembly open CATIA-start-mechanical design- assembly design.
  • Make the all parts in same plane so it become easy to assemble them.
  • When we upload the base or first part fix it so that it's become easy to assemble further.
  •  Use manupulation tool bar efficiently and look every time after using that tool. Sometimes we thing that the part is moving right but it's not so look every time after using that tool.
  • For better assembly use constraints tool bar as much as you can.

In this way you can assemble different parts in CATIA. By considering some points you can easily do that.There is also a great use of mouse in CATIA. In next post i will show you how?

So here is the video of my last post. Here i am going to show you to assemble two parts after that you can easily assemble another parts accordingly. But if you get any query you can send me mail about that.


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